Areas of action

Áreas de actividad


The Foundation is an entity in constant movement. Its aspiration is to obtain donations, to strengthen – directly or indirectly – teaching facilities and continue to expand its charitable work in different fields related to the development of people and research as a means of improving current and future society.

The Foundation obtains its funds through fundraising campaigns for each of the projects.

The Board works through specific projects in different areas, through which it fulfills its founding mission. Donors can select the campaign of their interest and decide how their contribution is allocated. The Board scrupulously respects the wishes of the donor.

Its main lines of action are:

– The development of managers, mainly based on collaboration with IESE Business School (the University of Navarra) in education and research in the area of business.

– Scholarships for students who are talented and need resources.

– The development of educational and assistance projects in Spain and other countries.

Lines of action: