Expansion of IESE in Madrid


A new goal

The IESE Foundation has collaborated with IESE’s educational project for years. Within the collaboration agreement with this prestigious business school, the Foundation has promoted the construction of buildings that form part of IESE’s Madrid campus to develop teaching and research activities at the school.

The expansion of the Madrid campus is one of the most important goals that the Foundation has put forward in the medium term. This initiative responds to need to grow the educational and research activities that IESE carries out in this city.

In recent decades, Madrid has become a world-class business center and is located in one of the most important growth areas in Europe. It is one of the cities in Europe that has the most international reach.

Characteristics of the new building

The planned building will have 16,000 m2, including a parking facility with 300 spaces.
The new building, in addition to housing workplaces for 60 people, including the following teaching facilities:
  • 4 U-shaped classrooms
  • 1 flat classroom, with a flexible configuration
  • 16 work rooms.
  • 1 auditorium with more than 500 seats