Objectives of the Expansion

The IESE Foundation promotes the expansion of IESE’s campus in Madrid with the following objectives:

  • Contribute to the growth of Spanish companies through the education of new generations of business leaders and senior managers, who hold the key for continued and solid development of the country’s economy.
  • Stimulate the creation of new companies that, along with those already in existence, can drive investment and job creation.
  • Intensify programs with an international character, on the Madrid campus, responding in this way to the ongoing internationalization of companies with headquarters in the region.
  • Boost teaching and research in specific areas: entrepreneurship, finance, innovation, public management, management in the healthcare and hospital sector, and the management of globalization.
  • Improve attention and service to program participants, Sponsoring Companies and Alumni..

Areas of special relevance:

  • Entrepreneurial initiative
    Development for entrepreneurs will be based on research and educational programs led by IESE’s Center for Entrepreneurial Initiative and Innovation, the Bertrán Foundation Chair of Entrepreneurship and programs for private investors.
  • Innovation
    Multidisciplinary research on innovation will be strengthened, so that this can be applied in companies in a systematic and continuous way and focused on obtaining results.
  • Development for senior executives in public administrations
    The Center for Public Leadership and Government, in close collaboration with the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, will lead development of senior executives in administration.
  • Development of executives in the healthcare sector
    Excellence in the development of executives who work in the health sector will be overseen by the Center for Research in Healthcare Innovation Management.
  • Finance
    Specific education in the finance sector will be emphasized as the motor of the new economy that can bring solutions to the crisis at different levels.
  • Globalization management
    The global dimension of education will be highlighted to undertake initiatives from a perspective that is open to continuous change.