Brief history


For a Better Future


Founded in 1989, the IESE Foundation was created as a private, non-profit entity whose goal is to contribute to social development and improvement through education, research and cooperation. The Foundation develops its projects locally, as well as increasingly on an international level since the values that inspire its activities are global.

The IESE Foundation’s mission is to promote initiatives that advance the development of individuals by fostering the values of excellence and achievement. Currently, the main areas of activity are: collaboration with IESE, scholarships for college students and partnerships with different institutions and universities that share the same purposes in Spain and in other countries.

The current partnership with IESE Business School of the University of Navarra has resulted in a number of actions, including providing university campuses in diverse cities. These campuses are equipped with the necessary buildings and facilities for carrying out research and providing education for managers – people who have, now and in the future, the ability to make a positive impact in their businesses and in society.