For a better future

We promote the training of talented people with an ability to positively influence their environment, and with a consequent multiplier effect.

The Foundation

The IESE Foundation’s mission is to promote initiatives that favor the development of people through training in the values of excellence and self-improvement.


Currently, the main working areas are scholarships for university students and collaborations with different institutions and universities that pursue similar goals.

2023 Report


The Foundation carries out its activity thanks to the generous donations it receives from Employer Companies and individual donors.

The donor can choose to collaborate in the general objectives of the Foundation or in any of the areas of activity or projects:

  • Scholarships and other study grants aimed at promoting social equity;
  • Responsible Investment (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility in general;
  • Training of Directors in humanist business sense;
  • International Development Cooperation, especially with African entities.

The Foundation always allocates donations in accordance with the will of the donor.

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