Areas of activity

The Foundation’s activities, while always aligned with its own mission, change over time depending on the needs of society, the economic environment and the interests of the donors themselves.

Some of these activities are carried out by the Foundation itself, while others are carried out in collaboration with other entities, which may in turn be foundations, corporations, associations, etc.

In all cases, aim of the Foundation is to attract donations, which allow it, directly or indirectly, to expand its charitable work in different fields related to the comprehensive education of people and research, as a means of improving the society of today and of the future. The Foundation obtains its funds through fundraising campaigns for each of its projects.

The Board of Trustees implements specific projects in different areas, through which it channels and carries out the Foundation’s mission. Donors can select the campaign they are interested in and contribute to it directly, with the Board of Trustees scrupulously respecting the will of the donor.

Currently, the Foundation has four priority lines of action, which are:

  • Scholarships and other study grants aimed at promoting social equity;
  • Responsible Investment (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility in general;
  • Training of Directors in humanist business sense;
  • International Development Cooperation, especially with African entities.


Responsible investing (ESG)

Management training

International development cooperation