Mission, Vision, and Values

The IESE Foundation’s mission is to promote initiatives that favor the development of people through training in the values of excellence and self-improvement. This mission is based on the values of European culture, which is rooted in a humanistic approach to society, where the person is placed at the center of social and business initiatives.

Excellence, improvement and solidarity are some of the pillars of the institution, which carries out all its projects altruistically.

Research and academic, cultural, ethical and professional training as a means for social improvement is a core part of the Foundation’s activity. As is the collaboration with health and educational initiatives in developing countries, especially in Africa.

The IESE Foundation wants to grow and make society grow to build a valuable future that integrates the development of the business fabric with the values of human dignity. Therefore, its initiatives are aimed at promoting and developing academic, cultural, ethical and professional training in every way.

Statutes (ES)

The scope of development of the projects is both local and international, given that the values that inspire their activity are global.

The priority courses of action are currently:

  • Scholarships and other study grants aimed at promoting social equity;
  • Responsible Investment (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility in general;
  • Training of Directors in humanist business sense;
  • International Development Cooperation, especially with African entities.

In addition, the foundation has, since its founding, been collaborating with the IESE Business School. This collaboration has been affirmed through various activities over the years. Of particular note is the promotion of university campuses in several cities (Barcelona, Madrid, New York, Munich), equipped with the necessary facilities for research and the training of managers—social players who will have a great capacity to positively influence their surroundings, with the consequent multiplier effect.

2022 Report (ES)

The Board of Trustees

Vocation of Solidarity

The Foundation is directed by a Board of Trustees made up of professionals from the academic and business fields. The members of the Board of Trustees guide and promote the institution’s broad lines of development, maintaining permanent contact with society and its needs. The board members, through their social vocation and selfless work, promote the aims of the Foundation in such a way that—with the collaboration of many other people who also share these aims—makes the development of their charitable work possible.

The Board is made up of the following members:

  1. PresidentJavier Mustienes Laguarta
  2. SecretaryAlejandro Albero Jové
  3. Board MemberIgnacio Canela Mercadé
  4. Board MemberVicente Font Pascual
  5. Board MemberÀngels Guàrdia Veciana
  6. Board MemberJavier Guillén Barona
  7. Board MemberJuan Carlos Vázquez-Dodero de Bonifaz


The Foundation was established in 1989 as a private non-profit entity with the aim of contributing to development through training, research, and cooperation.

Its promoters were:

  1. Antonio Argandoña Rámiz
  2. Carlos Cavallé Pinós
  3. Miguel Ángel Gallo Laguna de Rins
  4. Luis Gilabert Robles
  5. Miguel Ángel López Lozano
  6. Fernando Pereira Soler
  7. Juan Carlos Vázquez-Dodero de Bonifaz